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Our proud dishes,
guestrooms and bath

  • Dishes

    Situated in the mountains and close to the ocean, our seafood and mountain vegetables are fresh.
    Enjoy our elaborate dishes. Every item is hand-made.

  • Guestroom

    Guestrooms are modern and sophisticated with the scent of wood in the air.
    Spend an elegant time in a relaxed space.

  • Bath

    Authentic hot spring with water directly gushing forth 100 percent from the hot spring source of Mt. Myoko.
    You are sure to be healed.

Cottage with hot spring

  • Room01
  • Room02
  • Room03
  • Room04


There is a kitchen and refrigerator, so you can prepare your own meals.
In the summer, we also offer sets that allow you to enjoy a barbecue.
It can be used as a workday.
As an option, we also offer a plan where you can enjoy your meal in the main building.

Reservation to cottage


Fresh seasonal seafood

Over the mountain is the Sea of Japan.
Our fresh seafood comes from Naoetsu Fishing Port.
Enjoy fresh seafood such as Iwagaki oysters, rockfish and prawns.

Incredible vegetables

Every vegetable picked here is fresh and crunchy.
The tastiest vegetables in the season are cooked in the most delicious way.

  • Koshihikari rice produced in Myoko

  • Niigata’s signature sake

  • Yukino-hana bean paste of Echigo Takada

  • Rockfish

  • Local Kubiki beef


A modern Japanese guestroom has twin beds, a massage chair and a sitting room.
With the comfort of the wood scent,
you can enjoy a relaxing time.
See the magnificent Myoko mountain spreading out from the window and the views of the seasons.







Cotton rose




Cherry blossom


Trailer House






A face towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, pair of socks, bath towel
If you are staying in a cottage, bath towels and yukatas can be rented for a fee.

About smoking

No smoking allowed on the premises.
There is a smoking area outdoors.

no smoking

Hot Spring

Authentic hot spring with water directly gushing forth 100 percent from the hot spring source.

Our hot spring gushes out from Mt. Myoko, one of the 100 most well-known mountains in Japan.
It is a special hot spring that has two spring qualities: sulfate spring and hydrogen carbonate spring.
Water is free-flowing directly, not circulated or added at all.

  • White birch open-air bath

    You can enjoy the open-air bath with water directly gushing forth from the hot spring source.

    Open: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
    Men and women use the bath at different times.
    Be careful of what time it is.
    Open for females 7:00~10:00、19:00~23:00
    Open for men 13:00~18:30
    Closed in winter (November - early April) due to low temperatures.

  • Acorn bath by reservation

    A scent of cypress surrounds this completely cypress bath.
    Reserve the bath and enjoy.

    Open: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
    Fee: 1,050 yen for 45 minutes
    ※Make your reservation at the front desk when checking in (Advanced reservations are not accepted)
    ※May not be available at your desired time when crowded.
    ※Open throughout the year.

  • Indoor cypress bath

    You can view Mt. Myoko from the indoor cypress bath.

    Open 24 hours a day.


By car

From Tokyo (Time required: About 3 hrs 30 min)
From Nagoya (Time required: About 4 hrs 30 min)
From Osaka (Time required: About 6 hrs)
From Kanazawa (Time required: About 2 hrs 40 min)

By train

From Tokyo (Time required: About 2 hrs 10 min)
From Nagoya (Time required: About 3 hrs 45 min)
From Osaka (Time required: About 4 hrs 20 min)
From Kanazawa (Time required: About 2 hrs 30 min)